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Thursday, November 24, 2011


"Half the skiing; twice the warmup!"  --Coaches Logan and Roy

Matt Roberts asked this morning if since we were only skiing a half a day, would we only do half the warm-up; Peter quickly threw back: “No”!  Logan and Roy suggested the amount of warm-up ought to vary inversely with the skiing time…half the skiing; twice the warm-up!

Coaches Peter and Logan planning the next day
We trained slalom stubbies from 8 AM to noon today, then headed down after lunch to go for a hike.  The hike took us up Johnston Canyon, a beautiful gorge with high cliffs and frozen ice falls.  Later tonight I will post pictures of the annual Thanksgiving dinner at Elk and Oarsmen in Banff.  Also, if the link to my Picasa web album didn't work on yesterday's post, please give this one a try.

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