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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday: Lake Louise World Cup Men's DH

Today's winner Didier Cuche 
Today was a blast!  Sleeping in a little was very nice; the race started at 11:30 AM.  Lake Louise was a covered by a light fog all during the race, but the weather definitely wasn't bad.  One of my favorite downhillers, Didier Cuche from Switzerland won the DH today.  Bode had a very solid run, and ended up in 9th.  Other top American racers including Marco Sullivan, Travis Ganong, Erik Fischer, and Andrew Weibrecht placed mostly in the 20's and 30's.   The top ten of today's race seemed to be dominated by the Swiss and Austrians--a prediction Jacques Eve and I made before the race!

To view the entire album of today's photos, follow this link:
Whitefish Head Coach Roy Loman,
Jacques Eve and I at the race today

Bode Miller in finish arena
The distinctive Rundle1 that towers over Banff

Base Lodge at Lake Louise
This 6x6 bull elk was munching down in the middle of
a campground this afternoon

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