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Monday, November 21, 2011


"What matters is not if you fall down, but how quickly you get up and how hard you try!"
                                                                                               --Alexandra Swoboda

Skier of the day: Braxton Wilcox

The first day of the camp went very well; everybody had smiles on their faces while shredding down the hill.  Weather conditions were clear and beautiful this morning, and after lunch we got a little bit of snow.  Everybody is making great improvements in their skiing so far.  Today we were on slalom skis doing drills, and tomorrow we are moving onto giant slalom skis.  The bus ride up and down the hill are plenty exciting; we saw a huge mule deer buck this morning, and heading down, the road was blocked by a family of mountain sheep.  Also, we have decided to choose a quote of the day for every day of the camp!  Here are some pictures of the first day of camp:

Morning warm-up
Family of mountain sheep

Apres-ski tuning session

Rylan getting a tuning lesson

Morning bus ride

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