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Friday, November 25, 2011


The 2011 ARC Thanksgiving Camp is over!  All the racers really made the best of their four-and-a-half days on snow, and they should be very proud of their progress.

Skier of the Day: Ruby
Honorable Mentions: Hunter and Gardner
Overall Male: Nevada
Overall Female: Sylvie
GS Rippers: Matt & Stella
Slalom Shredders: Braxton & Ava
Most Improved:  Rylan & Jessica 
Major Breakthroughs: Georgia, Mable, Sylvie, Ruby, Stella, and Sam
Team Captains: Max & Ruby 

Addie Elm wins the "Psych-up Award" for powering through the difficulties involved with recovering from a knee injury.  Last season,  Addie tore her ACL during a race and had to undergo physical rehab and surgery.  She has stayed strong and pushed through her fears of re-injuring her knee, which is extremely difficult to do!  Go Addie!  

videos of today's slalom training will be posted here ASAP...

Tomorrow we are going to spectate the Lake Louise World Cup Downhill.  It's always a blast there; cowbells are ringing, people are cheering, and the racers are awing to the crowd.  Americans Bode Miller and Ted Ligety will be there also.  The great thing about this race is that you can walk right up to the competitors and talk to them, and if you're lucky they will give you their bib!  To the right is a picture of Bode being interviewed last year...

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